Peridex Stain

lisa cleaning teethAnyone who has had a procedure done at Metropolitan Periodontists, P.A. has used Peridex. Peridex also known as Chlorhexidin Gluconate is a prescription strength anti-microbial mouth wash. We prescribe Peridex for patients to reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth after gum surgery. The problem with using Peridex is that with prolonged use, staining of the teeth can occur. Peridex works by sticking to everything that it touches inside the mouth and continually works even after you are done rinsing. It can kill bacteria in the mouth for up to 6 hours, allowing the area of the mouth that has been treated to heal. With less bacteria at the surgical site there will be less inflammation. Peridex does not remove the plaque from teeth but it does kill the bacteria inside of it because of this staining can occur from the types of food and drink that is consumed. Here are a few ways to reduce stain when using Peridex:
1) Only rinse with it if you are directed to, using a small amount on a cotton ball and applying directly to the surgical site is sufficient for certain procedures like tooth removal or dental implants.
2) Avoid dark-colored food or drinks like chocolate, coffee, tea, dark soda and red wine
3) If you are a smoker try to avoid smoking when using the Peridex
We hope some of these tips help to keep those pearly whites white and your smile bright.


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