Peridex Stain

lisa cleaning teethAnyone who has ever had a procedure done in our office either knows first hand or has heard about stain caused by Peridex. Peridex is prescription strength mouth wash used to clean an area of the mouth that has had gum treatment. You might wonder why we would prescribe anything that causes stain on your teeth. I mean we all try so hard to keep our teeth white and free of stain but we prescribe Peridex because it works the best. The way it works is that it sticks to the gum tissue and anything that it touches. This allows it to continue to kill bacteria in the mouth for up to 6 hours, allowing the area of the mouth that has been treated to heal. The kicker is the Peridex does not actual cause the stain. The stain is caused by the plaque that is left behind on the teeth from not brushing. Here are a few ways to reduce stain when using Peridex:
1) Do not rinse with it if you don’t have to
2) Brush and floss the teeth that you are able to before you rinse with Peridex
3) Avoid dark-colored food or drinks like chocolate, coffee, tea, dark soda and red wine
4) Do not smoke when using the Peridex (This causes the worst stain ever and it’s bad for your health)
We hope some of these tips help to keep those pearly whites white and your smile bright and if you do get some stain on your teeth we can always have you in for a quick polish to remove it!

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